Monday, October 06, 2008

Hello, I'm still here but just in another place...

What?  That makes no sense. 

Well, let me explain.  I am still blogging.  In fact, all the time.  Just not on this blog.  My two main blogs are the Schlyce Jimenez Ministries blog and The Jesus Show blog.  So I haven't really been using this one.  In fact, I was considering deleting it.  But I'm not sure that's the right thing to do.  The purpose of this blog is really unique.  I remember when I started it I wanted it to be all about helping people "dwell in the secret place." In other words, I wanted it to be about developing an intimate relationship with the Lord through prayer and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.  So really, it's a whole different topic and purpose than my other blogs.  So I think I'll reconsider and go forward with this blog as well.

Stay tuned.  Blog articles about intimacy with God are coming up!


Saturday, May 03, 2008

Spring is here...

What a wonderful time Spring is... It's actually my favorite time of year. I always seem to get encouraged when I see winter is finally over. Not that I don't like the snow, but I just love the smell of spring. I love to see the trees bud and the spring flowers bloom. It always reminds me that no matter how dead things seem to look some time, that there is always hope for new life. But, I sense in the Spirit, that there is something even more special about spring this year. I sense that it is a time of unprecented growth. It's a time for new things in our lives to spring forward and to show themselves. It's a time when things that have been lying dormat for years to finally come forth and been seen. It's time to plant. It's time to build. It's time to see the Kingdom of God manifest in the earth. It's time to do those things that we've been putting off and to believe God for the impossible to become real. It's time to take steps of faith believing that the greater one lives inside of us and is working all things together for our good. It's time to take off the limits that have been holding us back, and live the life that Jesus died for us to have. So stay in the word, keep focused on Jesus and incline your ear to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is speaking to your heart. Purpose in your heart to obey his instructions no matter what the cost, and see the hand of the Lord prevail!


Prayer Confession & Prophecy


I've been getting quite a few requests for a copy of the prophecy and prayer confession that was included in my ministry's January mailing. So for convenience sake, I thought I'd go ahead and post them online:

In 2008, people are going to be positioned and aligned to manifest the glory of Jesus Christ like never before. This will mean big changes for some and small adjustments for others, but it will be a year of alignment with heaven so that heaven’s blueprint can be transposed over what currently exists. 2008 will be a year of heaven on earth like never before. Things that once took a long time to manifest will now come quickly. Seeds sown in word, deed and material form will bring forth a harvest more quickly than ever before for both good and evil. The dividing line between black and white, light and dark will become clearer. Therefore, being led by peace will be more important that ever this year. In 2008, as you incline your ear to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying each and every day and roll your works upon the Lord committing your way to Him each morning, you will be doing things that you never thought possible. The Lord is going to orchestrate divine connections like never before and that’s why he will be asking some of you to make adjustments and changes in your surroundings, in your relationships, in your careers and in your speech. He’s going to expect more from you this year because he’s been preparing you for a time such as this and he needs you to go this distance in this hour. So now is not the time to grow weary in well doing or to allow your heart to faint even if circumstances are contrary. No, now is the time to gird up your loins and fight the good fight of faith, trusting that God is on your side and working things out together for your good. Now is the time to take the sword of the Spirit and speak the word only. Now is the time to take a step of faith in obedience to the prompting of the Spirit in your hearts. Yes, now is the time to sell out to the heavenly calling that God has made you able to fulfill and to trust God enough to obey his instructions no matter how crazy or ridiculous they may seem. God is counting on you. We are his bride and body in this earth. So indeed without him we can do nothing, but also without us neither can he. 2008 will go down in history as the year when Believers from all over the world abandoned themselves to the plans of heaven and did whatever was necessary to see God’s will birthed in the earth. So answer the call, obey the word and watch His will come to pass. In 2008, His glory will visibly shine for all to see.

Father, in the name of Jesus, thank you for this New Year. Thank you that in 2008 I am walking out your perfect plan and purpose for my life. You said all of the days of my life were written in your book before any of them took shape and I declare that I am in full agreement with your plans for my life. I am fulfilling what you have written about me. I declare that I am in the places, positions and relationships that you have called me to be in. I am in your perfect will and making a difference in this world. I am free from distractions, encumbrances and sin. The eyes of my spiritual understanding have been enlightened and I know the hope of my calling. I know who I am in Christ and what I’m called to do. I know my position in Christ and declare that I am in agreement with heaven. I am in one accord with your will. I have rolled my works over to you and my thoughts have become agreeable with yours. I have the mind of Christ concerning your will for me and my family in 2008. I am hearing the voice of the Good Shepherd clearly. I hear your instructions clearly with regards to what I am to accomplish this year and declare that it is finished. I make supernatural progress in 2008. The things I am called to accomplish in 2008 are finished. The provision is provided and it is done. The anointing is working in my life and I am doing what I am anointed to do when I am anointed to do it. The Lord orchestrates divine circumstances all throughout 2008 so that everything that is needed to fulfill his plans shows up exactly when it is supposed to. I live free of toil, stress and worry in 2008. I am a walking manifestation of the glory of God. I am a living epistle. Miracles are following me and my life is a testimony to the character and goodness of God. I am running my course with joy and fighting the good fight of faith. I have laid hold on eternal life and am experiencing God’s best. 2008 is the best year of my life so far. The Father and I are walking as one and therefore in 2008, life is great! In Jesus Name, AMEN!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Walking Through Tough Times With Joy

The longer that I walk with the Lord and strive to make him the center of my life the more I realize that there is both a natural and a supernatural way to live. The natural way of living is a life controlled by emotions and circumstances which says if things are going well I'm happy and if they aren't I'm not. However, the supernatural way of living enables us to live above the ups and downs in life and maintain our peace and joy no matter what is going on around us.

Just recently, I went through a very difficult situation. After 12 weeks of pregnancy I miscarried my baby. I was of course so disappointed to lose my child and it was not a pleasant experience to say the least, but because of my relationship with the Lord and his manifested presence that day, I can honestly say that I was able to rejoice. It was truly a supernatural experience. It was as if the Holy Spirit posessed my soul that day. Rather than grief and mourning, I felt at peace and was able to delight in God's goodness.

I actually spent the day in the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit, who constantly was reassuring me of God's great plan for my life and how much He had already brought me through. This may sound strange, but there was a peace and joy in my soul that day unlike I've ever felt before. As I just rested in his presence it was truly amazing.

After this experience, I can finally understand how Paul and Silas could sing praises to the Lord when they were in prison (Acts 16:25). There is a special grace available to us when we are going through trials. If we will simply go before the Lord and receive it, the supernatural presence of God will cause a song of praise to rise in our hearts and he will minister to us in a way that will bring comfort and joy.

As I spent time with the Lord that day it was as though he lifted me out of time and helped me reflect on my life as a whole. It was like my life was a book with many chapters. The early chapters of the book were mostly sad. They covered my childhood and years of bondage to alcohol, unhealthy relationships and depression. However, the middle chapters were full of miracles and the supernatural power of God. Then I could see the chapter I was currently in. This miscarriage, although not positive, was not something that I needed to let defeat me. There was too much remaining in my book to look forward to. I had a lot of chapters left and everything that I desire for my life, including additional children, is in there. Furthermore, the end of the book is wonderful. My life actually ends with me spending eternity with the love of my life, Jesus Christ.

What a story! How could I be depressed with glorious future like that? As I focused on what the Lord has done for me that day, grief and sorrow couldn't hold me. God has been so faithful and gracious to me. I am truly a blessed woman. I have so much to be thankful for and honestly I love the life the Lord has given me. I have the most wonderful husband and daughter in the world and am getting the opportunity to pursue the dreams that God has placed in my heart. When I look at the big picture and focus on the goodness of God how can I be sad? I truly trust him with my life and know that he is working all things out for my highest good.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Best Friend

Since moving to Colorado a couple of months ago, I've had the chance to really deepen my relationship with my invisible friend - the Holy Spirit. I guess it's because for the first two months that we were here, we didn't know anyone. That was such a huge adjustment for me and a little hard at first. I was so used ministering all the time in Chicago. My phone was constantly ringing. So not have anyone calling me for prayer or even friends to just hang out with was a real shock to my system. I love people and thrive on ministry, so at first I just wasn't sure what to do. Brian leaves for work at 5:00 a.m. every day, so it was just me and my daughter Lily from 5:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. all day everyday. I love taking care of Lily but she's such an easy child that I still have plenty more to give at the end of each day. But one day as I was praying, I guess the Lord sensed that I was a feeling a little alone and I heard him speak to my heart, "I am here and I'm you're best friend." I was so touched that I started to cry. What a nice thing to say. Isn't it just amazing that the Holy Spirit of God Almighty dwells in us and is always with us? It is truly awesome!

But sometimes there are so many things that we just struggle through forgetting that He is standing by ready and willing to help with the wisdom of God we need. The Holy Spirit is actually called the Spirit of grace and he's right there ready and willing to give us the grace needed to overcome any situation. Or how about those times when we feel alone, lonely, or misunderstood?I remember one time awhile back. I was really upset with Brian (my husband) because he just couldn't seem to understand my point of view on something that was really important to me. I remember that after we had talked about it to no avail, I went into our bedroom and sat quietly before the Lord. I can still recall the words of wisdom that the Holy Spirit ministered to me. He said, "Give Brian a break, let him off the hook, he's not me! He said that no on in the world, including my husband, would ever fully understand me except him. He reminded me of Psalm 139 that says the Lord knows all of our thoughts and even knows what we are going to say before we speak it. He said no one in the world is closer to me than him since he actually dwells inside of me and that he was the only one that could satisfy the longing to be understood." What a blessing that was to me. I decided to get my eyes off of Brian and back onto Him - the only one that satisfy the desires of my heart.

So, it's a lie to think that we are alone. If you've accepted the Lord Jesus in your heart, the Holy Spirit has come to live in you and you are never alone. What a comfort it is to have the Holy Spirit as your best friend. My prayer today is that I will continually stay conscious of his precious presence and rely on him to help me in everything I do. Fellowship and communion with the Holy Spirit is one of the primary reasons Jesus came. So join me today in taking full advantage of what it means to have the greater one inside and enjoy life!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! It's been awhile since my last post. I really meant to do better, but I I've had a mild case of morning sickness almost every day since moving. What you ask, morning sickness? Yes it's true - I'm pregnant again with our second child! Praise the Lord! The move to Colorado has ended up being a new beginning for us on many fronts. We're not only "pregnant" with a ministry, but we're also pregnant with a new bundle of joy.

So although I haven't really had the motivation or energy to blog, the good news is that I have been making progress towards the launch Schlyce Jimenez Ministries! (Check out the new blogsite at That's right, the time to launch the ministry God has placed in my heart has finally arrived! This is such an exciting season in our lives.

When Brian and I felt led to move to Colorado last year, we knew it was purposeful but we weren't exactly sure what the Lord had up his sleeve. We've always had the desire to live in the mountains, but we didn't really think it was part of the ministry. We just thought maybe we'll have a retreat or vacation home there someday. But then last year in prayer, the Lord spoke to my heart from Haggai 1:8 which says "Go up to the mountain, and bring wood, and build the house; and I will take pleasure in it, and I will be glorified saith the Lord."

So here we are, not even a year later, living right at the base of Pike's Peak and preparing to build a ministry. Actually the town we live in is Cascade, Colorado. It's a small town about 8 miles from Colorado Springs. You take this great little highway up the mountain towards Pike's Peak that runs right beside a beautiful mountain stream to get to our new house. It's breathtaking, really. Everytime I drive home I think of the scripture in Psalm 37:4 which says "Delight yourself in the Lord, and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." God is so wonderful and has been so good to us!

Needless to say Brian and I are overjoyed at what the Lord has planned for us in 2008. We're seeking the Lord and praying over the vision for the ministry and currently in the process of forming a 501c3 for Schlyce Jimenez Ministries (SJM). We have so much in our hearts. We're currently praying about the structure of the ministry and whether we should start a church or prayer and healing center. Honestly, I've never envisioned myself as a pastor although I've always known I would start churches. Go figure... Also, I've had a prayer and healing center in my heart for a long time so I know that this is a big part of the vision. So if anything, please keep Brian and I in your prayers regarding receiving God's blueprint for the ministry.

If we know one thing for sure, it's that this is God's house not ours. So we want to make sure that we build it to his exact specifications. Which reminds me. The first monthly publication for Schlyce Jimenez Ministries is scheduled to be mailed this week. In it I talk about getting on God's program for 2008. It also includes a propehcy for new year and a prayer confession designed to help us fulfill God's plans this year. So if you'd like to get on our mailing list, please contact Schlyce Jimenez Ministries at PO Box 12, Cascade CO 80809 or at

God bless you and keep walking by faith!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Direction/Colorado Bound...

Sorry for the long break since the last post. But it's been really crazy (in a good way of course) since I last blogged. So many things have been changing this year. I left my job in June to pursue full-time ministry and stay home with Lily, Brian launched his own plumbing company called Plumbing Works, and we are right on schedule to move to Colorado in three weeks. So... needless to say, we've been on the run!

Here's a synopsis of the last couple of months...

In June, the Lord transitioned me into full-time ministry. Since then I have been teaching the Word of God and ministering regularly at bible studies, healing bootcamps, seminars, etc. In fact, I counted it up the other day and I have been averaging about 5 speaking engagements a month since June. It's been awesome to watch the Lord open the doors and move. In other news, I have been training to run the Chicago marathon, which was last weekend. The race was actually cut short due to the heat, but I did get a medal and run 18 miles. Not to bad for a former excercise hater...

As for Brian, he has been supporting me of course in all these activities, while at the same time building his own plumbing business. For awhile he was working a full-time job with the union and doing his own plumbing work. But in September, he began working for Plumbing Works full-time and is loving it - praise the Lord... Can you say increase??!!

But regardless of how busy it's been, both Brian and I recognize that it's time to begin to setup systems to support the ministry's growth and enable us to stay in touch with people after we move. So moving forward, my goal is to post an entry at least once a week. Also, since so many people have been requesting a monthly coorespondence, I'm also checking into starting a monthly letter and launching a more user friendly website/blog with the ability to download teaching articles, submit prayer requests, download mp3 teachings, and make donations. So, if anyone has any thoughts, suggestions or time to donate towards these projects, please let me know!

In other exciting news, I am currently working on my first mini book that should be released before year end. It's called "ATTACK ON LACK" and is based on the Psalm 23:1 - "The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not lack." The focus of the book is to teach Believers how to stop being complacent about the areas of lack in their lives, whether they be financial, relational, physcial or spiritual, and to go on the offense using the word of God as their weapon to eradicate every trace of lack in their lives. The word of God is chocked full of promises for abundance. Therefore, as the Body of Christ we are not without the means to overcome insufficiency in every area. I could go on and on about this topic and what the Lord has been showing me, but suffice it to say that I'm really excited about this project and looking foward to getting the book into the hands of the Body of Christ.

Lastly, please continue to lift Brian and I up in prayer as we prepare to move our family to Colordo at the end o the month. God has already made miraculous provisions for us during this year of transition and we expect nothing less as we take this next step of faith.

Until next week... Keep Dwelling in the Secret Place!


P.S. The picture was taken from Colorado Springs (where we are moving), it's a great view of Pike's Peak with Garden of the Gods in the foreground.

Monday, June 25, 2007


Ok, wow - it's been since September since I last blogged. Well, I guess if you look on the bright side, at least I'm not addicted to blogging...

So what have I been up to in the last 9 months? No I didn't have another baby, yet... But I have made some major life changing decisions. I have resigned from my ministry position at Living Word Christian Center to stay home full-time with my daughter, Lily, who is now 15 months old (picture above). Also, I needed to free up more of my time so that I could focus on planning our family's move to Colorado Springs in October. Yep, you heard right. We are leaving good 'ole Chi-town.

It's definately bitter sweet. These last seven years in Chicago have been the best of my life, and we've loved living here. But, it appears that the fire cloud is moving so to speak, and the Lord is leading us to leave our comfort zone once again. It's been an awesome learning experience working with the Lord during this decision. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it, it's been about nine months, since the Lord spoke to us about leaving Chicago. No wonder I wasn't blogging. I was too busy hanging out in the secret place asking the Lord - "Is this really you I'm hearing? This doesn't make any sense? How could you be telling us to leave, when we are so at home here?????"

But, after spending lots and lots of quiet time with the Lord and praying this over with my husband, we feel that yes, in fact, these are God's instructions to us. At the end of the day, of course we have to believe that we've heard God by faith. He didn't come down himself and appear to us nor send an angel, he is just leading us by an inner witness and his still quiet voice.

Ya know, one thing I've learned over the last several years of my walk with the Lord, is how to have confidence that I can hear from him. I remember when I met the first couple of Christians that actually seemed to hear God talking to them. I remember thinking, these people have something that I don't. God doesn't talk to me like that. And honestly I was jealous. I wondered, does God love them more than me? But rather than get upset, I remembered the scripture in Acts 10:34 that says, "God is not a respecter of persons." So, I decided that if he could speak clearly to the people in the Bible and the ordinary Christians that I knew, then surely he could talk to me too.

So I started journaling and talking to the Lord in writing, and waiting to see if I could hear anything. It took a little practice and definately some faith, but after a while I began just trusting that what I was hearing was not my own thoughts. I stood on scriptures like Jer. 33:3 that says "When you call, I will answer, and show you great and mighty things that thou knowest not." and in John 10:4 that says (I paraphrase) "My sheep hear and recognize my voice."

Pretty soon, I began to hear God just as clearly as those other folks. I learned to trust that as long as what I'm hearing is in line with scripture, then there is no reason to fear or doubt that it is from the Lord. And the really cool thing that happened was that the Lord starting showing me things to come as promised in John 16:13. I remember one time, when he told me to get ready to receive a call from Pastor Winston to preach and sure enough the next day I got the call. It was really cool.

Since then, I have learned to rely on this voice more and more and trust that it is truly the voice of the Holy Spirit, my helper, my guide, my teacher and my stand-by. I am so thankful for this voice and for His guidance. So as my family and I venture into this new chapter of our lives and step out into the unknown once again, we are confident that the Good Shepherd is leading us one step at a time into more and more of His goodness for our lives.

Till next time, which I promise will be soon, be blessed and take some time just to hang out and listen to the Lord!